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Translation and Interpretation Laboratory

Translation and Interpretation Laboratory

Translation and Interpretation Laboratory

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Tran and Interp Lab
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There are 32 interpreter’s booths in Translation and Interpretation Laboratory, each equipped with a computer, a headset with microphone and an interpretation system. The laboratory, fitted with sound-absorbing bars and carpet, is built with an emphasis on sound insulation and voice reception. Soundproofing board is installed between each interpretation booth. The headsets in the booths are specially designed for recording as well.

The interpretation system, which features a video camera installed at the student’s terminal, is a good tool for teachers to correct students’ enunciation and to observe their booth etiquette. This also allows class activities to be more interactive. While a student delivers a speech in English, a group of students may render the speech into Chinese instantaneously, and another group may observe and evaluate both the performance of the speaker and the interpreters. The teacher, who observes the process all along through the video camera and headset, may comment on the students’ performance right afterwards.